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The tokenroadmap is a product of the 2Tokens Foundation. The goal of the roadmap is to create clarity in the regulatory path of tokenization and services around crypto assets, both pre as post MiCA. Many parties want to use tokenization in their project or business, but it is often unclear what the regulatory requirements are. Therefor as the 2Tokens Foundation we started this project. Using this roadmap should help make this search easier.

BE AWARE! This roadmap is constantly changing as regulatory frameworks are still under development and is a guidance tool only. In no way, shape or form is 2Tokens and this roadmap providing legal advice or a legal opinion! The outcome of the roadmap does not give you any legal rights. Always consult your lawyer, legal advisor or legal counsel. The regulator always ultimately decides if a token is regulated.

Before you start the roadmap it is important to classify and understand to token(s) or crypto asset(s) or service(s) around the crypto asset(s) that you are offering thoroughly yourself.

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After your own classification you can start the roadmap. Your own classification can differ from the legal classification. It could very well be that you personally think that you are offering a utility token, but the regulator sees it as a security token or maybe a hybrid form. Therefor we urge you to always finish the whole roadmap.
Based on various interactive question we will lead you through the roadmap. Where necessary, per question or outcome, additional information will be given directly or through links to external sites. At various places in the roadmap it can be indicated that certain regulation might apply. It could also very well be that multiple regulatory regimes are in place for your product or service. As stated, the outcome is no legal advice and the regulators could have a different opinion on the outcome of the roadmap.
If you have any question, you can always contact us.

What are tokens?

A token in our context is a digital unit that can represent value, but also something else like voting right. The tokens are created by projects or organizations and are administrated on a decentralized infrastructure like a blockchain. Tokens in itself precede blockchain by long, both in physical as well as digital forms and don't necessarily need a blockchain infrastructure, but blockchain and smart contracts made the possibility to create, maintain and manage tokens much easier.

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What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the use of tokens for various purposes in a digital, more efficient way, often making use of blockchain technology. This may lead to lower costs, more efficient processes, more direct control for end users, but also to new possible business and operating models.

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What is blockchain

Basically blockchain is an administration or database where everybody can participate (read and write) without the need of a trusted third party for integrity guarding of the content of the database, but with the safeguards that a third party would provide. This may sound trivial, but this could make a lot of operational processes and tasks (some claim even the organisations themselves) of banks, notaries, housing registries etc. obsolete.

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